dr kelsall

Dr. David C. Kelsall, M.D.

Our practice is led by David C. Kelsall, MD, medical director, surgeon and board certified otolaryngologist who specializes in otology and neurotology.

Patient Education

Rocky Mountain Ear Center, P.C., has provided this section to provide answers to questions you may have about common ear ailments.
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As the largest, most comprehensive cochlear implant program in the region, the Center treats children and adults who suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. We offer all FDA-approved devices with the goal of improving sound detection and communication ability. Our center and skilled team serve as a major research facility for the development of cochlear implant systems.



At Rocky Mountain Ear Center, P.C., every member of our team is a trained professional to ensure you receive the best possible quality care. We take pride in our ability to serve you and we look forward to a mutually satisfactory relationship.



The Rocky Mountain Cochlear Implant Center is the region’s largest and most comprehensive cochlear implant program. The center’s goal is to improve sound detection and communication ability for both children and adults who suffer from moderate to profound hearing loss.